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Peritoneal carcinomatosis in patient with uterine cervix melanoma

Carcinomatose peritoneal e melanoma em colo de útero

Tarcha FV, Móz, LES, Alves MC, Filho ACBN, Cruz FJSM, Pinto GLS, Sette CVM, Costa, RLR, del Giglio, A

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A 58-year-old female patient presented with abdominal pain and CA-125 serum marker altered. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a lesion in cervix (6.2x6.1x4.8cm), expansive formations in bilateral ovaries up to 4.3x3.4cm and peritoneal carcinomatosis. Cervix biopsy diagnose was malignant melanoma. Exploratory laparotomy revealed a rare case of peritoneal carcinomatosis of uterine cervix melanoma (Figure 1).


melanoma, uterine cervix cancer, peritoneal carcinomatosis


melanoma, neoplasia de colo de útero, carcinomatose peritoneal
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