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Palpebral mantle cell lymphoma: literature review and case report

Chaline Mari Matushita, José Henrique Miranda Borducchi, Isabella Cherckezian Guiguer, Juliana Hegedus Baroni, Davimar Miranda Maciel Borducchi

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Introduction: Mantle cell lymphoma usually occurs in lymph nodes and bone marrow, and sometimes it can also be present in peripheral blood. In rare cases, extranodal lesions can be detected, but mainly as gastrointestinal polyposis. Case report: A 79-yearold man with a gritty feeling on both eyelids of one year and one month duration. The patient developed visual acuity loss and bilateral upper eyelid masses. The biopsy from March 2013 indicated an immunophenotype B non Hodgkin lymphoma and computed tomography had shown impaired lungs and spleen. The patient underwent six cycles of RCHOP until complete remission of the disease on February 2014. Conclusion: immunohistochemical study and description of pathologycal biopsy have major importance to confirm the diagnosis of mantle cell lymphoma. Moreover, staging the disease is very important not only to assess prognosis but also to establish the most appropriate therapy.


Mantle-Cell Lymphoma, Ocular Adnexal Lymphoma; Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma; Case Reports; Eyelid Neoplasms


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